Thursday, February 21, 2013

Big Boy trip to Aggieland!

This past weekend we took a 30 hour trip to Aggieland with our Big Boy!  Maryn stayed home with Lovey, Pop, Grandpa, and Uncle Mickey and was in HOG HEAVEN!  We took Travis out for some two-on-one time which has been super rare since M joined our family 20 months ago!  We had a great time checking out campus and even enjoyed an amazing dinner date at Christopher's World Grille.  Travis was a perfect gentleman during our time at the restaurant - even other patrons told us so!  We explained some of the traditions to T and loaded up on "Ag Swag".  He is already asking when we get to go back!!  So fun to experience (read: lovingly brainwash) our alma mater with our kiddos!

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