Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve Breakfast

Some friends of ours hosted a pancake breakfast with Santa on Christmas Eve morning this year as a fundraiser for the Tarrant County Food Bank.  For once, we actually (but kinda sadly) didn't have a houseful of folks so we headed on over.  We definitely got the "coolest parents" awards based on our awesome Christmas pj attire.  Speaking of coolest mama, I almost blacked out on the round and round flower thing at Veterans Park a couple of weeks ago.  Literally strangers were coming up saying how awesome I must be to endure such craziness.  :)

Just give me the frosting por favor!

M was all "can I take him home?"

Oh hi, h.o.t.t.i.e!

Because we like to torture our kids!

Some more friends even showed up to join us!!!

Thanks, Hoggs!!

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