Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poor poor kid #2

Pictures from July 4th!!

This past weekend was Travis's 3rd birthday.  As my loyal blog readers know, his every move was ever so meticulously documented on the blog.  Mom was razzing me this weekend about Maryn's poor baby book.  She said it was short - you came, we survived, you lived, the end!  :)
And she was pretty much right!  I'm one session away from being caught up professionally, so I'm taking a minute to type a post for the most awesome 14.5 month old baby girl I know!!!
Maryn went from a baby to a toddler in a blink.  She was walking at 9 months and went from two steps, to ten steps, to walking across the playroom very quickly.  She is still nursing, but loves to eat - she loves meatloaf, blueberries, yogurt, and shredded cheese are some of her favorites.  She is a very independent eater and lets you know if something isn't up to par quickly.
In the past month, she has exploded verbally.  She can say mama, dada, "bupbup" for Travis, grandpa, lovey, pop, nana, papaw, and pepper.  She can say woof woof and meow.  She says bites, ball, bath, bye bye, night night, more, up, milk, blueberries, babies, and snack.  She still signs all done and milk.  She has a couple board books that are her favorites and she can point to and say "bunny rabbit, bear, duck, and heart."  She can say and point to eye, hand, belly button, and foot.  She can point to teeth, tongue, nose, and "piggies".
She is so easy-going and just has such a sweet disposition.  I love how everytime she hears the garage door she says "dada? dada?".  When she wakes up, she asks for bupbup, dada, and generally nana.  When I say its just mama, she gives me a "well, ok, I guess you will do" smirk.  :)
Her sleep is erratic - has always been, and do not really see any end in sight.  Good thing she is so cute and happy!!  She loves to wink and her big laugh results in scrunched up nose and face.
Our nursing routine at bed is she takes one side, hops down and plays for a few minutes like a crazy woman, then she comes back over to the rocking chair (two green babies in hands), and finishes the other side and is ready to go down.  It is such a sweet little routine!
I've tried to send myself blog-worthy comments from time to time.  On June 17th, I sent myself an email that read "this morning I held my one year old baby girl on my chest for her morning nap.  She's so tall her head was in my nose so I sniffed her for 45 minutes.  Soaking it in!"
Maryn, even though I totally forgot to take your 12 month picture with your bear, I promise you are so, so loved and we really have been busy having an amazing time.  You adore your brother and love whatever he is doing or playing with.  You think you are big enough for markers (even though you just like to suck the "juice" out) and climb like a little monkey.  You always want shoes on (pink crocs that Lovey bought you in Florida) and like to wear brother's underwear over your diaper.  You are growing up too fast.  You have a bit of a temper and you throw the cutest little fits.  You've apparently seen the "time out" routine too many times since you come over and pretend hit me and then march off to the corner.  It's quite precious!  We really do think you are the most beautiful baby girl and you make me smile inside and out a million times a day.  Know that you were loved - to the moon and back - by many!!!  Love you pretty princess!!
And a pic of the little man squeaks in too!

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