Monday, August 27, 2012

Living the Gator Dream!

Every three year old man's dream!  Ever since Ellasyn turned 3 a month before and got a red, shiny racecar out of the deal, Travis pined for a motorized vehicle of his own.  Lucky for us, Lovey and Pop had hung on to Kyler's gator (circa. 2004).  After a little armor all and a new battery, it was good as new.  It has been fun watching Dada and Grandpa give driving lessons.  Maryn is already itching for her turn to drive!  What a giving family we have!

The whole crew is here!

Our backyard gets yummy photography light!

Three generations of John Deere enthusiasts!  We were patiently waiting for Daddy to arrive home so that we could do the reveal!

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