Wednesday, September 5, 2012

T-man's 3rd Birthday Party - ICE CREAM!

Travis turned 3 on 8/25 - oh my, where has the time gone??
I am blown away by this little guy every day!  He still loves to snuggle and definitely likes to stay close to his peeps, but is starting to branch out more!  His memory blows me away, and he loves to learn. His vocabulary is impressive, and he loves to be the teacher for Maryn!
He loves all things sweet so an ice cream-themed party suited him fine!
Testing out his treats with Papaw pre-party!

Yummy treats from Honey Hush Cakery.  Very happy with how they all turned out!!

Giving us his three year old attitude already!

Check out mama sweating - party planning is serious business round here!

That's my sweet boy!

Sweet baby sister got in on the action in her ice cream tutu dress and matching hairbow. 
She's a blur of excitement!

M calls all other kiddos "bebay?" (it's baby with a cute little french accent).  She was particularly interested in Tristan this day (he is 9 days older than she is) and looks a little terrified by her aggressiveness.  :)

Super star!
Everybody circling up for Music with Mormor (Krista's mama).  Mormor is a music therapist/professor at SMU, and I sweet talked her into leading the kiddos in some music time!!  They loved it.  They were in the zone for at least 20-25 minutes!!

Pizza time!!

Do you smell burning flesh??  Mama's cat-like reflexes save the day.

Siblings feeding each other is all cute until somebody bites a finger.  :)

Can you say blessed???

So glad that Nana and Papaw, Nana's girls, and Nana's folks (Mimi and Papa) could join us.

Our kids have everything they need and most of what they want.  We have always asked for donations in lieu of gifts for Mission Arlington.  After the party, Dada and Travis wheeled a wagon full of canned goods over to Mission Arlington.  We are trying to instill in them early the joy of a giving heart.

Ms. Tillie even came out to give Travis a hug!  What a sweet day!

Aunt Momo, once again, rocked the pics for us!!  Thanks so much!!
Guess who is already planning the two summer bday parties for next year???  :)

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