Friday, June 17, 2011

Sibling Gifts, A Few Visitors, and Heading "Home"...

Sweet sister got her big brother some prizes to celebrate her arrival, and Travis picked baby girl out her first doll.  Of course, Travis was happiest with the hospital phone.

Travis "sharing" with Maryn.

We had an amazing amount of friends and family visit us in the hospital, but apparently also had a crappy picture taker to document everyone.  Second kid definitely already getting documented less.  Here are just a few of many of special people that came to shower us with love.

Maryn's first gentleman suitor.  Maryn was the last (and biggest and only girl) of four births in June in our Sunday School class.  They are trying to make their move early!

We were discharged on Tuesday morning, and we loaded into the car about 30 minutes before our scheduled C-section time.  Most definitely the Lord's poetic justice on the whole situation.

Let's blow this joint!!

Hello ankles - I've been missing you!

Apartment "Home" #2103


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