Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm ONE Year Old!

Mommy's computer is on the blinky so this is going to be a pictureless update.  Sad times, I know.  She's got posts from my party and from our great weekend at the Gaylord to come so hopefully you can get your T-man photo fix then.  :)

Well, last week was a big, big week for me.  Last Saturday, I had my "par-tay".  Loved it!  My allergist appointment was on Tuesday, and I turned a whopping "1" on Wednesday.  A busy week indeed.

My allergist appointment went great.  I was so brave even when mommy and daddy wanted to cry because they knew it hurt me.  I started off with the skin prick test for Penicillin, dairy, soy, and cinnamon.  They have to do a couple control pricks, so I had about 7 little spots on my back.  Everything came back negative.  Yippee!  That means that I could start having cheese and yogurt immediately and should be able to be on whole milk by 14 months.  Great great news.  Unfortunately, the Penicillin test is a two-part test and the second part was 4 injections on my back right below the skin.  These definitely stung, but the pain didn't last long.  We found a TV with some Garfield on and that helped me feel better.  This test showed that I continue to be allergic to Penicillin.  Definitely more expensive for the folks (since all the penicillin antiobiotics are the cheapest), but at least I'm free to eat ice cream, etc.  We go back to see Dr. Bailey in a year.  I have enjoyed my new food groups.  Mom has a whole post dedicated to my first yogurt experience.  So yummy, but so messy.

On my actual birthday, I ran errands with Mom and Grandpa and got to sample my first mac n cheese at Spring Creek.  Spring Creek is one of my favorite restaurants because it is buffet (makes it speedy), I love to eat the turkey, green beans, rolls, and mac n cheese.  Just yesterday they brought me and Dad some ice cream FOR FREE.  Now it is Dad's favorite place too!!

I go to the doctor on Wednesday for my 1 year checkup.  Mom will have to post all of my stats after that.

Here is what I'm up to these days:  I wave bye bye, dance, do touchdown, give high fives, and wink and stare at the pretty ladies.  I love facial hair.  I can sign "all done" when I'm ready to get down from my high chair.  I say mama, dada, and a 2 syllable word for "Angel".  I know ball, down, milk, and night-night.  I am really digging yogurt melts and pancakes right now and my love for peas and avocados is a bit hit or miss.  I am wearing size 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and generally snooze from 7pm-5:30am with 2 naps during the day.  I like to walk around barefoot with my Mom holding my hands and cruise easily from furniture to furniture.  I'm a pretty-easy going guy and a joy to be around (so my peeps tell me).

Peace out,


  1. How fast a year has flown by! I laughed when I read that Tman is in size 3 diapers. Wyatt is in 3's as well b/c if his width (not heighth).

    TO TRAVIS: It has been such a pleasure to watch you grow in mommy's tummy and then to meet you and watch you grow for the last year. I know there will be many more years of us watching you and Wyatt grow together into young men. We feel so blessed to have your parents as our friends and that Wyatt will have a good friend like you to learn and play with. The Strongs love you very much, Trav!

  2. Yea! So excited that Travis can have some ice cream now. I bet you guys are relieved he is outgrowing those allergies.