Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hippie Chic!

I would like to start off by saying that my NRA and RNC memberships remain intact no matter how crunchy the rest of this post is gonna sound.  :)

For our Friday outing, we met Krista and Noah at Potager Cafe, a restaurant in Arlington that specializes in home-style cooking using only locally-grown organic produce, meats, etc.  The real interesting part about Potager is that you just pay what you think your meal was worth.  I'd like to see their business plan.  The food was pretty good, and I'd probably go back again because the menu is different everyday.  I'll get less actual food and more dessert next time because the peach tart-thingy was bueno.  The downsides were that there was no central A/C and NO HIGH CHAIRS!  Krista has a high chair contraption that just hooks to the table, but I had no such device.  So I used a scarf and tied Travis in a chair.  It actually worked quite well, and I'm leaving the scarf in the bag just in case we have to do it again.

His cheeks are pink because it was so hot!

In case that adventure wasn't granola enough, on Saturday morning at 7:30 I met 11 or 12 other individuals in a parking lot for my very first Produce Co-op Pick-up.  Krista and I are sharing a unit which is $30 every 2 weeks.  This was our haul from today!

I turned broccoli into purees for Travis.

I roasted the tomatillos and "bulletized" them into a sauce which I then poured on chicken breasts for dinner.

I processed the cantaloupe and then proceeded to eat almost my entire half (less this one last piece that I saved for Travis's lunch).

Fun stuff, huh??  I'm embracing my inner-hippie.  Another granola friend, Amanda, gave me my baby food making book that I've used and loved, and so far, I'm super happy about the veggie co-op.  I draw the line at hemp skirts and growing my own yogurt though.