Monday, August 24, 2009

Light at the End of the Tunnel & 38 Weeks

We just got back from our doctor's appt.  Everything looked great and we are set for an induction on Sunday if he hasn't come before then.  My cervix is "favorable" so hopefully an induction will go smoothly.  We ask for prayers as we end this exciting time and look forward to starting the next phase as a family.

How far along?: 38 weeks.  (Technically, 38 weeks & 3 days)
Total weight gain:  Approx. 50 lbs. during the whole pregnancy.  Amazing.
How big is baby?:  About 8.5 lbs.
Maternity clothes?: 100%.  If you are very short, you'd see a few inches of belly at the bottom because nothing is long enough.
Stretch marks?:  Even my stretch marks have stretch marks.
Sleep?: Could be worse.  Just God's way of getting me ready!
Best moment this week?: Learning that T is coming on Sunday if not before.
Food cravings?: Nothing is safe. I will eat anything and everything. :)
Labor signs?: I have been having some "contractions".  I wasn't sure they were really contractions instead of just pains, but the doctor said that they must have been real contractions since I was progressing so nicely.  Yay for favorable cervix.
Belly button in or out?: Flat and very shiny from the stretch.
What I miss:  Feet-free ribcage.  He enjoys sticking them up there in the night.  Very nice.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our son for the first time and seeing his beautiful face.  Just marveling in God's most precious gift.
Milestone: Finishing up last minute touches and scheduling the induction!  Baby Elizabeth is here - Kimberly & Tyler welcomed a perfect baby girl on Friday.  Kimberly was amazing, and I look forward to joining her on the flipside.


  1. we are so excited! come on travis - we are waiting!!

  2. So glad that your body is preparing for your son's arrival so that the induction will be more favorable. (We had to do the same with Jack due to his head size.) We'll be praying for the 3 of you on Sunday and can't wait for an update with a picture of Travis!

  3. I just read this but know that you are at the hospital now! Super excited for you as you welcome Travis a little early :)

  4. Congrats Gara & Brandon!!!

    So happy for you! Now, the FUN begins! Can't wait to see Travis! Be sure & take advantage of all your helping hands.SLEEP whenever possible--Your lives will never be the same,as you have experienced the greatest miracle of all!