Tuesday, August 18, 2009

37 Weeks

How far along?: 37 weeks.
Total weight gain: Up several pounds from 10 days ago. Most of it appears to be water weight in my CANKLES.
How big is baby?: 8 lbs. We had our growth ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks great, but if we go full term, he'll be over 9 lbs. Yikes. We meet with our regular dr. next Monday to formulate a game plan. I'm making some progress on my own so it looks like I would be a good candidate for an induction at 39 weeks if that is what we decide to do. Our dr. only delivers one day a week so we may try to schedule it around her or we may hold out for 9/1. We have been praying about this decision for a long time and hope to have some clarity about what is best for us and Travis.
Maternity clothes?: 100%. Only a few of them still fit.
Stretch marks?: Yep.
Sleep?: I sleep pretty good about every 3rd night. The heartburn is still pretty terrible so that hasn't been helping.
Best moment this week?: Seeing our maternity picture proofs. Spending the day doing baby laundry with Pepper & Lovey. Pepper brought over Brandon's coming home outfit and Lovey is going to put some more elastic in the legs so that we can have T's picture made in it. Brandon & my dad (Grandpa) installing T's shelf in his nursery. Seeing Travis's big melon on the U/S yesterday.
Food cravings?: Nothing is safe. I will eat anything and everything. :)
Labor signs?: I don't think I've had any. I keep trying to figure out what a contraction feels like, but I'm pretty sure that since I have to ask, I haven't had one.
Belly button in or out?: Flat and very shiny from the stretch.
What I miss: Sleeping late. I just can't do it anymore. I'm guessing that my best sleeping days are over!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting the nursery complete. The only thing we are waiting on is his name in rope that goes above his crib, and it should be here next Monday. We look forward to doing a tour of the nursery with our new snazzy videocamera once it gets installed.
Milestone: Hitting "Full Term". Getting all the baby laundry done! Lovey, Pepper & Grandpa stocked our freezer with homemade goodies. So awesome to know that we won't starve. :)

Received Arnold the Snoring Pig as a gift for T-man this weekend. It is a riot! I highly recommend it.



  1. Wow! 8lbs already!! He's going to be here soon I think!!
    Jane x

  2. Sorry Gara - my computer was signed in as my mum! that comment was from me!! - Jane

  3. dangit, I need him to arrive tomorrow for me to win the pot! come on Travis! can't wait to meet him. glad you are feeling well.

  4. Are you doing any crazy nesting? The day my water broke I was soooo restless -- I just felt like I had to do 10,000 things. I even went to Sam's that day and I hate going to Sam's!