Monday, March 14, 2011

Travis's 18 Month Photo Session

Melanie and I swapped photo sessions for her maternity pics (coming up in May), so I was so glad that she was able to do T's 18 month pics a couple weeks ago.  He was coming down with a yucky cold (that has been relentless and is still hanging around) so he wasn't his super smiley self, but she still got some cute ones.

I'll take these kisses anyday!!!


You are, without a doubt, the absolute highlight of our life.  You bring so much joy to so many people.  Your grandpa calls you a "doozy," and I think that accurately sums up the fact that you continue to exceed all of our expectations for what it means to be your parents.  The last year and a half have flown by, and you are turning into such a sweet little boy.

We had your 18 month doctor's visist a couple weeks ago (33.26 inches and 25 lbs. and 11 oz.), and you brought out all of your party tricks.  The doctor was amazed when you accurately called out the red, blue, and yellow ("yeyyow") frogs, and she called you precocious.  I think your intellect and wit are gonna be such a blessing and a challenge.  The amount of information you absorb just blows us away on a daily basis.  You are a pro at shapes, colors, and animals, and have just started learning numbers and letters.  After church on Sunday, you pointed to the address of the Wade Building and said "one, oh, three" (technically, it is 301 and he was reading it backwards, but still....).  We were flabbergasted and so proud!  We pray that we can develop you physically, mentally, and spiritually in the ways that you need.

We love you so much and our lives are so enriched by your presence in them.

Mama and Dada

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