Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crawfish with Coach

While on Spring Break at Lovey and Pop's house, we got to hang with the Texas Tech coaching staff for a crawfish cookout on St. Patrick's Day.  As much as I am totally an Aggie, Coach, his wife, and the rest of the staff have been super great to us.  They all love Lovey (of course!) and seem to be a very respectable group of folks!

Coach and T scoping out the festivities!

Peek a boo at the glass door was a favorite activity as was being hall monitor as to who was allowed in and out.

His entire dinner consisted of hawaiian bread, spinach dip, and cookies... and maybe some chocolate cake...  Everytime I turned around he had suckered Lovey, Pop, or Coach's wife into another sweet treat!  He does have a way of getting what he wants.  Especially now that he can ask for "one more" or "two" cookies to begin with.

Being outside was his favorite activity of Spring Break.  Lots more room to roam than in our apartment.

Oh, hi Maryn!!!  Seriously, I'm gonna start lying about how much time is left since the look on people's faces says it all.  One of the wives was 37 weeks pregnant compared to my 27.5 weeks pregnant and we seriously looked the same or me a little bigger....

Lovey and T - all smiles!!

He totally would have tried it, but we didn't let him because it was too hot!!

Making new friends left and right!  He had the hots for two pretty brunettes.  One young and hot and the other one older and rich.  He stuck near the rich one...  :)

Only a bunch of Red Raiders would bring out live rattlesnakes for entertainment....  :)

My prince!

Hanging with Pop!


Suzanne (Coach's wife) and T and a cookie.... :)

So grateful for this group of people that work with and love on Lovey everyday!


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