Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turkey Day Pics!

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we rotate locations.  This year was our year to be in Lubbock for Thanksgiving.  The house sale/apartment move/general life chaos made it where we had to be here for Thanksgiving so this is our second Turkey Day in a row at Granddaddy's.  A big chunk of our crew was in Washington this year so we just had an intimate gathering of 8 adults, 1 Travis, and 1 pomeranian fluffball.

Travis waving to Ginger.

Stare down.  Travis 1 Ginger 0.

Obviously he was too busy to pose or smile...

Blocks with Aunt Kimmie.

Snuggles with Pepper.

Have blanket will travel.  He calls his blanket his "da".

Tryptophan is setting in.


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