Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 and 15 Month Update

Wow - where did the time go?  To say we have had a busy couple of months would be an understatement.  Besides packing and moving, I have been a busy little dude walking and running and talking up a storm.  These past two months have been huge for me developmentally.  I took my first step on 10/10/10 and haven't looked back.  I just this week started being able to stand up from the middle of the room with nothing to hold on to, but even without that skill, I was 90 mph all the time.  I'm all boy and I like to get a head start running and then tackling you.  Me and Grandpa practiced that skill in the empty apartment while waiting for the AT&T guy.

I've also started verbalizing a lot more these past couple of months.  I can make the sounds for elephant, bear, dog, and bee.  Buzzing is pretty difficult when you only have four teeth, but I make it work.  I also put my forefinger and thumb together and move it around in the cutest little buzzing pattern in case anyone is confused by my animal sounds.  I can identify tons of animals in books and puzzles and can even say "Angel" which is our kitty cat's name.  It sounds more like "Azzz" (think the first half of Asian) but its all I got for now!  My favorite word is light.  I say it more than all my other words combined (mama, dada, ball, down, on).  I call my blanket "da" and my babies (my flat cozies) "dahdah".  You can tell me to go retreive them or my keys or ball, etc., and I will go get them.  Mom thinks that's gonna be handy when I can fetch for snacks and other stuff.  If you ask me if I want to go outside, I go try to find my shoes since I know I'm not going anywhere without them.  I'm wearing size 5 shoes for now, but I'm guessing my little feet are growing like the rest of me.

Although I'm sometimes a little shy at the beginning, I love making new friends especially with all the hot little waitresses.  We went to Babe's after my 15 month appointment (75th percentile height, 70th percentile weight, 95th percentile head), and I sat in my high chair and waved at all the "ladies" until my arm was gonna fall off.  They just kept oohing and aahing and waving back.  I had perma-smile!!  At dinner the other night, I made friends with the boy in the booth behind us.  He even shared his cookie with me.  I love making new friends!!

I visited my daddy at work today and we had a BBQ lunch with daddy, mommy, and Grandpa.  It was so much fun!

This is me pointing at the flash, saying light, and stealing mom's good focus point.


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