Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of Kinder

Obligatory front of the house pics!!!


I can’t believe you are already in kindergarten and turning 6 years old.  ¡Feliz cumpleaños!   

You have so many talents, and I am eager for you to learn how to use them effectively with and for the benefit of others.  Pursuit of a formal education will only enhance your talents and ability to use them.  I am eager to watch you grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during this process.

Tu mamá y yo estamos tan orgullosos de usted y estamos entusiasmados con el viaje por delante de usted.

I love you so much.


His eyes are always on Grandpa! :)


Today as you embark on your first day of kindergarten, know that your mama is way more nervous than you are! Leading up to today I have asked myself a million questions. Did I challenge you enough? Too much? Was I too quick or too slow to help you? Did I encourage you without over-praising? Did I push too hard or not hard enough? Did I do the right things? Did I say the right things? Did I prepare you for this?

But one question that never crossed my mind was did I love you enough. You are so so loved, buddy!

I am so excited to see your education journey and the integral role it plays in making you who God has called you to be. I pray fiercely for the light you can be to others. Be brave and be kind and champion the underdog whenever you get the chance. Be YOU! We couldn't be prouder!

Know that you are loved, believed in, and cherished. You are such a blessing to us! Go get 'em!!!


Pics from Meet the Teacher!

iPhone pics from the first day!  He made me promise I wouldn't take my big camera!

Travis, Milo & Maddox (new friends!)

Maestra Guido

Us walking out and waving!  He was so brave!

Looking forward to doing this every year after his first day just to complete the torture!!!!

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