Monday, July 21, 2014

Camp Thurman

Our big boy got to have his first taste of Camp Thurman this year.  What an amazing place (and so close to us!!).  He had many opportunities to be brave and make new friends!  He went two weeks - once at the beginning of June and then again last week!  Grateful for the photos they shared!

He loves this inflatable slip and slide!!!

Uncle Bill's with his counselor, Hobbes!


We got to go watch his skits!!!  And took Grandpa and Nana during the week

I'm sure I asked him for his "excited" face and he was being super funny.  :)

He really loved the BB guns too!


Last week, the sand pit was his favorite spot of the week!

Feliz, Fiddlesticks, Running Bear, and Leprechaun were his staff last week!

So excited to see my boy growing up!!!  And M is chomping at the bit for her Camp Thurman experience to start next year!

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