Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Maryn!

When this little one wakes up tomorrow, she will be three.  Where has the time gone?  I truly cannot remember much of this little one's life when she wasn't walking and talking.  She is adventurous and brave and wants to do everything her big brother does.  They challenge each other constantly (and me too), but I'm so grateful that she came along exactly when she did.  I cannot imagine a moment of my life without her in it.

Maryn Rochelle,

You are smart and sweet, and I can't wait to see where that takes you.  But don't let the sweet exterior fool anyone, you can go ninety to nothing when prompted.  You've had a challenging couple of weeks and you threw around "you're poo poo" a few million times, but you appear to have returned to your sweet self and I'm grateful.

You still say "lellow" and "jebeleans (jelly beans)", but otherwise, you talk like you are twelve.  ALL.THE.TIME!  When we question her physical abilities, she doesn't back down and gives us a but ... "I'm fourteen years old".  You love Angel (our old and temperamental cat) and you routinely get bitten, but you just brush it off.  You are always up for Wednesday errands with Grandpa, and you make up the most elaborate stories especially about purported boo-boos.  If the hyenas, bad witch, or Scar show up at our house, you are calling Papaw, Uncle Blake, Grandpa, Pop, and Granddaddy to protect you.

Your face is so animated and you give the best expressions especially when deep in thought or trying to persuade us to do what you want.  "Can I have two?" followed with an emphatic and head bobbing "yeah?".

You like to eat and eat a ton of stuff.  We would post all of your intelligence accolades, but we aren't sure anyone would believe us.  You are constantly blowing our mind, and keep us on our toes for sure!  You are a girly girl to the max and love sparkly lotion, lip gloss, and princess dress-up.  We pray for you and over you daily and are so grateful we get to be your family.

We love you!

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