Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Week in the Life - July 2013

For a week in July, I left my big camera out and just tried to document life!  The good, the bad, the dangerous, the precious, and most definitely, the fleeting.  Some days last forever, but I know this season will be gone in a blink.  And for those that comment, how I always have my stuff together, take a look at some of these messes!!!!  :)

Travis throwing down with the Mark III.

In the top left corner, she is saying "order up".

Puppy, Baby, Jackson, & Mommy.  (left top to left bottom - in a circle)

Cartoon time!

No clothes ever!

We love food coloring in the bath!  This is mixed with lotion.

Post bath cartoon snuggles!

Synchronized potty time!

And for their wedding slideshows!  :)