Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet, sweet May-may!

Our dearest Maryn,

Please do not judge your "lovedness" on blogs or photos.  :)  No one could have prepared us for how much joy you have brought us.  When expecting another kid, you wonder how can I love #2, etc. as much?  Well, you do!  Your heart just literally grows so that you can look at your little blessings and just wonder how we got to be so lucky to be your parents!  You have amazed us and melted us and challenged us so much, and we have done a terrible job at making sure that it was all "properly" documented.  

I don't know that I've ever really had an "OMG this is the best age" before, but this truly is it.  At barely two, you talk and sleep and play and tee tee on the potty and seriously are just the best thing ever.  We are truly enamored with you.  You are the prettiest and sweetest little thing (unless Bubba is messing with you and then you snap and go cray cray on him and we try not to giggle).

Right now you are very into cooking and dolls.  Your two most prized possessions remain your two green babies (affectionately known as Jackson and Mommy), but you also have a litany of dollies including Ariel, Cinderella, Henry (a sweet baby girl), and Butterfly Baby.

You and Travis have started playing better together and love playing food at the play kitchen, "house", and "meeting."  I am generally the grandma and you are the mommy and Bubba is the daddy.  Sometimes Bubba or I are the baby and dada and grandpa sometimes get in on the fun.  When pretending, Ronald and Allison are names often given to us and occasionally Travis calls himself Ronison (or Mister Ronald).  When we play "meeting" (whenever we go on date nights or have legit meetings, we tell them we are headed to a meeting), I am Tallulah and daddy is Patrick.  We have to talk in silly accents and play cruise director - you both like to be referred to as sir and lady.  You and Travis have also been really into "doctor" and you reluctantly serve as the "nurse" while ya'll collectively work on the patient.  I love watching you both in your imaginative playtime.  We just turned the play kitchen around so that there was a drive-thru window.  You guys love playing server and cooker.

The other night you told me that "I'm gonna sit on Angel so she will bite bubba ... in his pie hole."  I'm pretty sure you learned that gem from Lovey, but hysterical nonetheless.  You add an s to the end of most of your pronouns which is precious.  "How about I poke yous in the eye?"  You skip the s in snack which makes for the cutest ... "i want a nack!"  Your vocabulary and clarity are impressive, and it is fun to really talk to you.

You are signed up for ballet class this fall, and I am so excited!  You seem to be on board as well too! You call it ballerina school and it is precious!  You have had your toes painted twice already at the beauty shop, and I'm excited about all of our momma/daughter things to do!

I don't think your daddy could have imagined his feelings toward you.  He is over the moon smitten with you, and when you say "I wanna hold yous, daddy", he swoons!

We love you ... to the moon and back!

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