Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Guns Up! Our Visit with Coach!

I hope my kids realize how really cool this was one day!!!

His daddy is friend's with Uncle Mickey!

So many fist bumps!!

Nothing is in focus, and I mean nothing!!!!  But I still love it.

Oh these kids!!!

Grateful for Lovey letting us crash her office for a couple hours.  All of the guys and coaches were awesome to me (ahem, even though I am an aggie) and the kids!!  Coach Kingsbury was great to take pics with us, and we loved watching them warm up before they flew to Kansas.

I had to take pics of all the Johnny Football stuff too. :)

They really enjoyed "working" at Lovey's desk and were completely payable in mints.  You can see them poking out in several of the pics.

Doing some exercises in the weight room of course!


Billy Yates from my days at Texas A&M!  Giving us a gig 'em for good measure.  Maryn said guns 'up whoop whoop to several players.  She also told Coach Kingsbury that "when she was little she was in mommy's tummy and then she was born".  And don't forget, her telling the waiting room full of O lineman that she gets a mint if she goes tee tee in the potty!  I might have mentioned that Coach is friends with Johnny Football and Travis might have asked him about that during our introduction.  :)

Displayed proudly.  :)

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  1. Billy Yates is a classmate of mine from Corsicana High School! Good guy, small world!

    And that's all I will say about this post. #gigem