Friday, July 6, 2012

Maryn's Bird Day Party DETAILS

On Saturday, June 9th, we celebrated little miss's first birthday with a "bird day" themed party.  Her nursery and birth announcments were bird themed so it was only fitting that her first birthday party was birds as well!  We had it at Nana and Papaw's office which is such a blessing since we had about 60 friends and family with us to celebrate.  Here is a post of the details (how very Pinterest of me!).

Anna at For the Love of Joy made the two banners and the little one for her high chair - these two will go over her crib since they are the same material as all of her bedding!

I found the little birdhouses and the metal birds at Target and got the "organic bloom" esque frames at Hobby Lobby!

The cakes were precious and delicious and came from Creative Memories in Hurst, TX.

These pink crystal trees served as our centerpieces and each one was adorned with a metal bird and several wallets of Maryn attached to sparkly cardstock that we cut out using the cricut.

"Birdie" Snacks - gummi worms, goldfish, and swedish fish

Magnets for friends and family to take home

Chow mein noodle bird nests

Treats for "Big Birdies" (bird whistle and bubbles) and "Little Birdies" squeezable applesauce

Maryn's wishes

We cricuted about 6 dozen birds to hang throughout.

Lovey made this 1 out of cardboard and then attached scrunched up tissue paper.

Crepe paper photo backdrop.

Buckets for the canned food donated in lieu of gifts.

Paint your own birdhouses and make your own bird feeders for the big siblings.

And the bird day girl enjoying it all!

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  1. Cute ideas! Love the details, good job mama! Looks like the bird day girl had a fun time :)