Monday, March 19, 2012

Maryn is 9 Months Old!!

Our kiddos at 9 months! 

Miss M - we can't believe you are 3/4 of a year already.  We love you so stinking much.  You don't have any teeth, you are constantly cruising around on the furniture, your sleep is erratic, you like food, but mama's milk is still your favorite, you love your big brother, your nana, and your grandpa, you wear size 3 diapers and 12 month clothes, and you love playing with brother's toys while he is sleeping!

She was really thrilled with this little photo shoot - can't you tell?

Much happier with brother's banned toys.  :)

Dear Maryn,                                                              

You are so very special to me because you are my first niece and also because you are the baby of your family like I am to mine. It’s a big deal but you are very smart so I know you will be able to handle anything life (or your big brother) throws your way. I can’t wait to share my secrets with you and give you all my good tips!! But always remember that Travis loves you very much and even though he will give you a hard time he acts out of love, caring and most importantly experience. That is what older siblings are for so try not to hold it against him.

I will always be there for you sweet girl! Especially, for the fun stuff like playing Barbies, painting our nails funky colors, and going shopping. I will teach you all about music, dancing and art just like you have already taught me to army crawl like a champ! I can’t wait to see you who you become and to go through the journey with you.

What can I say little one? We are two peas in a pod and us Baby Sisters have to stick together!
Aunt Momo

Dear Maryn,
You are such a precious little angel! You are going to be a very blessed in your life. You have a family that loves you fiercely. You are very sweet natured and one of the best babies that I have ever been around. I think that God gave you this sweet disposition because he knew that’s what your Mama would need. If you had been a handful, she would have been in real trouble.
When I started thinking about what to write in this letter I thought about what I wish I had known as a young girl. Because in my mind, that is when you will really start to look back over this chronicle of your life. Since I am one of your cool Aunt’s and not one of your parents, hopefully you will take some of these tidbits of wisdom to heart.
  1. Never blow off your friends to hang out with a boy. Boys come and go, but your friends will stick around.
  2. Never say Never! I know that is redundant but I promise you will eat those words.
  3. Do Not Lie! As a teenager you are going to test your parents’ boundaries and may even get away with lying a few times, but it will catch up with you. The truth will set you free!
  4. Do Not let anyone else drive your car! They will wreck it….trust me! No one will take care of your things like you will.
  5. Be a kid as long as you can. You will grow up so fast and before you know it you will have kids of your own, so enjoy it while you can. Being an adult is not that fun.
  6. Laugh, Sing, Dance, Play and Be Silly as often as possible. Life is short and you need to live it.
  7. Try not to fight with your brother. He is going to be your best ally as you get older. Remember, there is strength in numbers. Together you will be able to accomplish more, and dare I say…get away with more, than if you are divided.
  8. Always trust your instincts! We all have guardian angels that warn us when we are about to make the wrong choice or if we are in a bad situation. Listen to that little inner voice that tells you something is wrong. You will be glad that you did.
I know that some of these things will not make sense to you when you read this. But some day you are going to look back and say, “I should have listened to my Aunt Sonnet!”

Love you,Aunt Sonnet

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