Friday, June 28, 2013

Maryn's Berry Sweet 2nd Birthday Party

Our sweet Maryn turned two, and we celebrated with a "strawberry party".  We did a morning party at a local park with a splash pad.  Super laid back and fun!

Grateful for all our friends that helped us celebrate.

Poor Pepper - not sure what set her off, but these were too hysterical not to include.

Sweet treats by Honey Hush Cakery.

And of course, Lovey made her dress!

Aww Grandpa and his girl!!!

This was a berry sweet birthday party!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kessler Canyon - Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary in Colorado

We booked our ten year anniversary trip to Kessler Canyon in DeBeque, Colorado last September, and I have been so excited over the past nine months I could barely stand it.  I had definitely set myself up for a great let-down by building it up so much, but Kessler Canyon delivered on all accounts and MORE!  We seriously cannot say enough nice things about our time there.  We even felt compelled to leave a tripadvisor review we loved it that much.

I went back and forth on whether to pack my camera gear and ultimately decided to take my dad's nikon pocket-sized point-and-shoot camera.  It was so freeing to not have to worry about my gear and to be able to literally slip it in our pockets.  Plus side, it took some amazing photos!  It also took plenty of crappy ones, but who cares right!?!

The hands-down highlight of the trip was all of the amazing food prepared by Chef Lenny.  I have no doubt he will be a household name one of these days.  His life story and charm are unmatched.

Of course the property, scenic views, and nature sounds were pretty spectacular too!

Did I mention I love point-and-shoot selfies and self-timer shots?  BAHAHAHA

These were our views outside of our room.  Pretty awesome to walk out to in the mornings.

Our first night we were joined at the chef's table by Mark Kessler (son of Kessler Properties) and Terry Vaughn of Top Shot notoriety.  Both provided amazing company and conversation!

Why yes, I did fall out of the hammock, thanks for asking...

Dusk on the lake

Prepping for our ATV adventure!

We ended up about 8500 feet up.

No rails and lots of dirt!

Dirty faces!

Snacks and sangria/wine/watermelon punch at the bar every afternoon!

I loved hanging out in the kitchen and being a part of the action.  Chef Lenny was making his own beef stock during our stay and the place smelled divine.  Frying up crostini in duck fat also made for some mouthwatering smells!

Chef Lenny doubles as entertainment between courses!

The theater room!

Here is a pic of his mouthwatering bacon specialty.

Sunday morning, we drove about 90 minutes to Glenwood Springs to go river rafting.  We have pictures from that event for another post!  It was awesome!

Hello deer!

I did alot of this.  :)

Best ribs ever!



And then we shot stuff....  I totally nailed my first one and then should have quit then.  :)

Brandon was really good, and I would love to see him do it more if he wants!

Wind-blown selfies!

Our last day Chef Lenny sent us with lunch!  

Sad to see it in my rear view mirror but was ready to get home to see my babies!

A quick trip to Colorado National Monument complete with white knuckles from driving to the top!

We spent the last night closer to the airport at this little winery hotel.  It was fun to do all the tastings and stroll thru the vines.

We fit right at home at the hotel.  :)