Monday, February 21, 2011

Ooh Baby Baby

Somebody's got a little "Justin Bieber" action going on...

To cut or not to cut???  This will be his 4th haircut.  Dude has some luscious locks!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

FW Zoo with my little "monk monk"...

T enjoyed a zoo outing with his friends and his dada on Friday!  I loved that B took a long "working" lunch to hang out with us and some of my mommy besties.  Travis was so excited that he got to see "monk monks", "turt-els", and "ssssssnakes".  He is definitely more into the zoo than the last time we went.

So loved hanging with my girls:  Courtney, Krista, Anna, and Melanie.

We could have left these two at the Primate House - they have mad climbing skills!

Posing for the requisite group shot ....  :)

Aww, I love this!  Walking hand in hand with Dada.  Then breaking into a mad run for Mama.  My focusing skills could not keep up...  Oh well!

This 7-toothed little man steals my heart every day more and more!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Computer Whiz....

You'd think I'd never taken a picture before....  Geez, stupid focal point.  But precious grin nonetheless!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

On February 12th, B and I had a night away at the Sanford House.  I had booked it during one of Travis's "4:30 is wake-up time" spells a month or so ago and was planning on just holing up and sleeping the whole time.  Thankfully, Travis's sleeping routine is better and I'm out of my first trimester sheer exhaustion phase so we were able to enjoy a relaxing massage, a yummy dinner, and a great breakfast too.  The thing I love most about a night away is all the great conversation that happens.  It's hard when you have a little one to really have great conversation.  I don't really know why it is so difficult, but I don't think I'm alone in saying that.  Of course, the majority of the time we just talked about how cute and awesome our son was, but we actually had some great discussions about plans for our house, made some decisions about things regarding Maryn's upcoming arrival, and just generally were reminded about how much we love each other.  What a relaxing time away!  I'm so blessed to have Brandon as my partner for life.  He is a great provider, awesome husband, and the best "dada" around.

23 Weeks Preggo


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The makings of Maryn's nursery...

After finding out we were having a girl, it took me about 2 seconds to get everything set in motion.  I purchased her furniture a couple of weeks prior to our 20 week appointment because it was a closeout and just such a ridiculously good deal (plus it would work for a boy or a girl, but it definitely leaned girly).  I wanted it in white, but they were already sold out of the dresser so I settled for coffee instead.   Brandon did a happy dance.  Don't know what it is about men and their fear of white furniture.

I've selected materials from the Hunky Dory by Moda line for her bedding. 

This is the fabric that will be used for the bed skirt.

This picture was our main inspiration for the room so of course we already ordered the art work too.  Thanks LOVEY!!  It will be fun to do something a little less traditional for over her crib.  The artwork is 40x30 so will be an awesome focal point.

Melissa from is actually making the bedding for us.  Maryn's middle name should have been Etsy since I've spent so much time (and $) on there since learning of her arrival!

Instead of doing the traditional fluffy (and oh-so-cute) bumpers, we are actually doing Wonder Bumpers instead in the same Hunky Dory fabric.  They aren't as ridiculously precious, but they will be so much more usable since Travis's cute cowboy ones lived in his crib for about 5 minutes before I got too nervous about SIDS and yanked them out only to have them be awesome decoration in his closet FOREVER....

I love having crafty friends.  FBCA (my church family) has blessed me in so many ways.  One of which is placing all of these talented women in my life.  Anna at "for the love of Joy" is one such woman!  I ordered custom pillows for Travis and Maryn's rooms.  Can I just say how much I love them?!?!?  She used cowboy prints for T's and some of the Hunky Dory pieces for M's.  T's has 1 Samuel 1:27 and M's has Jeremiah 29:11 on it.  Love these verses and their meanings for our first and second kiddos, respectively.

I bought a Cherry Blossom decal set that we plan on using somewhere in her room.  We are going to make fabric flowers to use on the branches instead of the little vinyl ones we think.

Since I am about a million times sure that she will arrive before our house is complete, I've invested in a moses basket.  I didn't want something super expensive, but really wanted it to match so I'm having the bedding made for it as well.  I heart ETSY!  I think it will be sweet for Maryn to put her baby dolls in when she is older too.  I hope Miss M enjoys snoozing on the table in the living room in it.

Although I'm not doing letters over her crib, I still wanted her monogram or initial to be in the room so I'm thinking I want to try something like this.  I saw Hollis's mirror on Kelly's Korner, but thought I might want to do a shabby chic old window instead so I googled and found some awesome inspiration. Now I just need to find a window and decide if I want her monogram, name, or just first initial.

Lovey bought some fun vinyl to use with her cricut so we should be set on completing the tast.  We are also looking forward to coming up with some awesome and inspirational sayings for each of the kids' rooms and the playroom and probably just about every other room in the new house.

I'm kinda loving this idea too, but just need to figure out how to incorporate it.  Maybe in her bathroom??

Tons of ideas are still running through my head so no telling how much of this will actually happen and/or what tweaks will be made to it.  I'm making headway though.  Wish I could say the same about our now flattened piles of dirt that will be our new house.  This wintry weather has not helped AT ALL!